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Metal & Glass Side Table

You can often find me at my local thrift store. This is one of the best places to purchase pre-loved furniture. I stopped in while we had family visiting this week and I was able to leave my children behind – FREEDOM! Anyway I have a garage full of project pieces just waiting to be finished and I didn’t really need to be here… so this was an “I don’t need anything but it sounds heavenly to thrift shop in peace” kind of a trip. After looking through all of the discarded furniture my eyes feasted upon this side table! Sure, it was IMG_5569tired & worn but look at its uniqueness! To my surprise even its glass insert was unscathed. The price was right & it had to be mine!

I had thought about painting the metal but decided to leave its slightly worn legs alone and went with a soft grey. Today I chose a warm grey by Waverly (You can find this paint at Walmart in the craft section- be sure to check them out most locations have an all new display with new colors and sizes- Yippee!!)


After a quick sanding I decided to leave some of the gouges and chips in the wood- when rejuvenating older and vintage pieces this is part of what gives it charm. While I fix all major damages I like to let some of the esthetic wear and tear to tell its story.

Waverly Chalk Paint in “Mineral”

I cleaned it thoroughly with liquid TSP- my go-to pre-painting prep! It removes all dirt & oils giving the paint a perfect surface to cling to. I did three coats- letting it dry and then sanding in-between. My last step was to protect with General Finishes High Performance Flat. 153520


Now its dry and ready for its new home! Enjoy the finished pictures below and this piece is available for sale and will soon make its way to the Indigo Lane booth inside Market Reneaux. If you have any questions or would like to purchase please contact us!DSC_0961

Looking for a slightly rustic and ultra chic addition to your living room? Look no further! 
The top is ready for a lamp or your favorite decor. The glass insert is a perfect place to rest your drink. 
I just love the worn wrought iron on this piece. It brings a subtle rustic feel while the grey creates a softness for this piece. Perfect balance!

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