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A Closer Look at: Annie Sloan

annie-sloan-illustration-web25Unless you’ve been living under a DIY rock you’ve heard the name, “Annie Sloan.” There’s a reason for her worldwide success. Over 20 years ago Annie Sloan, armed with a background of fine arts, grew tired of her limited paint options. She simply decided to make her own highly versatile and easy to use paint so that everyone from artists to amateurs alike, could use her product. Her widely recognized chalk paint was created in 1990 all while staying at home raising her three young boys. Now that is a work at home Mom to aspire to!

What is chalk paint? Chalk paint receives its name due to the flat, chalky finish. Its well loved by DIYers and furniture artists alike due to its versatility. There is very minimal preparation involved and it will adhere to many surfaces including: wood, ceramics, glass, & even fabric! Her color palette is inspired by the 18th & 20th century but her paint is easily mixable giving you an even broader option for colors!




Where do you buy her product? Because Annie is so proud of her product and cherishes the brand, she only stocks with approved vendors who have been fully trained with her chalk paint and waxes. Vendors must not only go through an application process, they must also take special training in order to carry her brand. This makes her product a little harder to find than other brands but this is clearly not stopping her success! You may order online through several websites or locate a stockist here: Annie Sloan Stockists I chose the “Mini Project Pack” so that I could get two small sample jars, one clear & one dark wax & her coveted small brush. I chose two louder colors: English Yellow & Scandinavian Pink.

Now that we have a good idea about who this Annie Sloan person is and what her chalk  paint is all about- let’s get to the fun part!  Let me introduce the table I’ll be using today. This GORGEOUS table could be used as a nightstand or an end table. I need a new bedside table for my guest bedroom so this is going to work perfectly for the smaller space while providing a nice amount of storage should guests need it. I chose this piece for its clean lines, AMAZING hardware & it was in great shape. I only had to sand a few spots and give it a good wipe down, let it dry & now we are good to go!


After removing all of the hardware and a thorough scrubbing here is the table prepped for paint:


Open your paint and give it a thorough stir. This paint seemed to stay pretty well mixed and I didn’t have to do an excessive amount of mixing.


I applied my first coat and it covered quite well. I did like that the paint was very smooth and easy to work with. It didn’t have a lot of “pull” and had a nice, smooth glide when applying. It didn’t have much of an odor so painting indoors is a must for me and it passed the smell test

After letting it dry to the touch I applied one more coat of paint. Once the second coat was dry I did any touch-ups that were necessary. I decided to paint the matching nightstand as well and I had just enough paint to finish two end tables to give you an idea of how far this paint will stretch. I’m not surprised though, chalk paint is known for its ability to cover.DSC_0916
Once dry, I chose not to wax this piece as I loved how it looked without dark wax and because this table would be seeing some use I opted to go with a clear top coat such as my General Finishes High Performance Flat top coat. I’ll have to attempt the wax another day and bring you a tutorial on that process! And here is the finished product!


In summary, Annie Sloan paint was a pleasure to paint with. It was very smooth, her color selections are on point and dried quickly with minimal odor. Her price point is higher than a lot of chalk paints on the market and it can be harder to find locally. I guess the question begging to be asked: Will I purchase AS paint again? I must say, while I did like the paint overall, it just wasn’t superior to other paints I’ve tried which are more locally available and have a lower price tag. I think the instance in which I would use AS paint in the future would be if there was a very specific color I was needing and didn’t want to make my own chalk paint at home. I would say her paint is very similar to General Finishes milk paint in the ease of application, coverage, low odor & great dry time. Annie Sloan quarts can be found for $34.99 vs. General Finishes milk paint quarts sell at $23.99. That’s quite a difference in price and if you’re anything like me, that savings adds up quickly! I hope you enjoyed this review of Annie Sloan chalk paint. I am just loving this end table and its adorable in my guest room.


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6 thoughts on “A Closer Look at: Annie Sloan”

  1. Beautiful job on the darling table, Destiny! I have to say I agree with you re: ASCP. It’s very good paint. I like it, but it’s not my favorite paint to use. I have a couple of whites that I use for convenience or a primer, and I have Duck Egg, which is one of my favorite colors! Looking forward to your next blog post!


  2. thank you for posting this! I am a newbe and have bought no paint/topcoat or cleaning prep. I have read the and watched lots of videos. But seeing they are all all different in prep/topcoat I need some advice on what to do and get for just a small table like this. It looks like laminate on the top? Do I just wash it (and with what) or sand first, then paint. Also you said you usd the GF top coat. Do you have to wax after that. I am just looking to know what to buy with just starting I can’t spend money on something I don’t need yet. Thank you so much and sorry for the questions. It is just confusing with everyone saying diff things.


    1. Well, as they say, there’s more than one way to skin a cat! While that’s a terrible thing to say many furniture “artists” have found their own personal favorite products & methods. My best advice for you on your table would be to thoroughly clean it (I love using liquid TSP which can be found at hardware stores) which removes all dirt and oils and gives a nice, clean surface for the paint to adhere to. If sanding needs to be done, do that before cleaning as you’ll want to remove any dust & debris that will occur from sanding. I love using GF top coat because you brush it on- just like paint!- and there is ZERO waxing. The only time I use wax is if I feel I need a dark wax for a creative enhancement to the piece. Otherwise there are dark glazes for that to achieve a similar look without the wax. Keep in mind a lot of people don’t realize wax is not a one time thing. Wax does not last forever and you must re-wax your pieces from time to time. I believe the manufacturers recommend every 6-12 months. If you’re just starting out and on a budget I highly recommend you check out Walmart’s line of chalk paint and top coats. They offer a large variety of inexpensive products that I am also pleased with their quality and have used many times myself. It won’t break the bank that’s for sure! Good luck with your projects and feel free to leave another comment or you can email me at: with any other questions you may have!


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