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“Be Thankful” Fall Banner Tutorial

Cooler temperatures, gorgeous leaves & pumpkin spice everything. Just a few of my favorite things! Fall happens to be my most favorite time of the year and I go all out when it comes to home decor. Here in southern Mississippi, the summers are quite warm DREADFUL at times with temps soaring into the upper 90’s for months on end. Don’t even get me started on the humidity (you know what I mean if you have a headful of curly or wavy hair!). So, when those temps start dipping below 90 degrees we rejoice “Its Fall Y’All!”. dsc_0013To kick off this blessed season I love decking our home (and booth) out in fall decor. I just love a decorated mantle, don’t you?! I stood back and gazed at my fireplace but realized something was missing. It finally came to me- a fall banner would be the cherry on top! If you know me at all you know I’m quite cheap thrifty so I decided to make my own banner with things I had lying around the house. Here’s what you’ll need:dsc_0004

  1. Banner Flags (you can certainly make your own but I happened to have a couple of pre-made packages on hand. I purchased mine at Michaels during a 50% off sale here they are on their website: Canvas Pennant Banner & Burlap Pocket Banner.
  2. Stencils (Mine are waverly brand from Walmart’s craft section)
  3. Glue gun
  4. Chalk Paint or any sort of fabric paint
  5. foam brush
  6. Jute string or twine- anything to use as your “base”.
  7. Embellishments such as leaves that I purchased from Amazon last year. They do come from China so purchase these only if you aren’t in a hurry. You can buy them Here.

Your first step will be stenciling the letters onto the banner pennants. I just eyeballed it but try and ensure they are level and in the center. Chalk paint dries extremely fast so I didn’t have to pause waiting for it to dry. Follow the directions per your desired paint label.dsc_0006

Next you’ll want to assemble your layers if you decide to layer them (I feel it looks a little more prominent with two pieces but one would be just fine!). Add just a few spots of hot glue to attach your banners at the top. Next you’ll want to add the string/jute to the back of the pennants. Add hot glue to your backing and fold over the string. Make sure you hold it tightly until it cools for the best adhesion!

Lastly, arrange any embellishments you want to add, such as your leaves and glue those on as well.

You won’t believe how easy and fun this quick little banner is to make. You also won’t believe how big of an impact it can make for your holiday decor! This would be so easy to repeat the process for any holiday, just change up the saying & embellishments and then you have yourself a festive addition to your home decor! Don’t have a fireplace? Don’t worry- entryway tables, sofa tables, buffets & mirrors are just some of the many places this DIY banner would rock. dsc_0014

Happy Crafting!




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