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Tutorial: Cotton Boll Wreath

I’ve gotten so much positive feedback on my new cotton boll wreaths in the booth that I just had to make a tutorial so that you too, can make one for your home!

16114479_1636101930020112_8607041442623069003_nItems needed:

*Grapevine Wreath

*Cotton Boll Stems

*Floral Wire

Choose your size of grapevine wreath which can be purchased at any craft store & walmart has been known to carry them in their craft department as well! For this smaller, 12″ wreath I then needed three cotton boll stems (this will be where you can use your digression, buy more if you want it really full & fluffy, less if you want it sparse & minimalist in style). Hobby Lobby is where I’ve had the easiest time finding cotton Boll stems. They go on sale every other week so if you want to save 50% shop their sales! Now that we have all of our items gathered let’s get down to business!



You’ll want to remove each branch from the wire stem. Place the end of the wire into the grapevine wreath and then secure with floral wire, placing it out of sight when possible. Keep adding and securing each branch as you go until you achieve the desired fullness.┬áThat’s it. It is really that simple!img_0032Short on time or don’t feel like making your own? Indigo Lane has cotton wreaths available for purchase!

Check back soon for more tutorials and tips on how you can bring a little farmhouse to your home!




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