Restoration Hardware Copycat Finish

I’m so excited to bring you this quick Restoration Hardware copycat tutorial! RH is an upscale home furnishings store that has a coveted style unlike any other.

The finish I’m showing you today is a 5 step process and while time consuming, gives you a gorgeous finish. So let’s get started.


  1. Chalk paint- I used waverly’s “Mineral” 
  2. General Finishes winter white glaze effects  
  3. General Finishes van dyke brown glaze effects.
  4. High Performance top coat in flat. 
  5. Paint brushes & foam brushes. 
  6. Lint free paper towels

The first step is to thoroughly clean your piece & remove all hardware. I prefer to use liquid TSP to remove any dirt and oils from the surface. 

 Next, apply at least two coats of chalk paint to your piece. 

Amazing coverage in just one coat!

Two coats- perfection!

After letting your second coat of paint dry, we will take our winter white glaze effects and do a white wash treatment. I won’t cover this too much here as there are tons of amazing videos on white washing if you’re unsure if this step. Basically, you will dip your paint brush. Wipe most of it off. Lightly brush on the paint using random strokes until you achieve the look you’re going for. Personal preference is key! No right or wrong so get creative! You’ll want to focus on the “high points” here hitting the edges and avoiding the crevices. Basically the opposite of glazing. 

Now if you like this look alone you can stop here and add your top coat once it’s dry but my customer wanted a brown glaze. I’m so glad that’s what she wanted because I think it added that little something it was missing. Either way for our next step we will apply our high performance top coat and let dry before moving on to the next step. 

Now we are going to get out our van dyke brown glaze and this time we are going to apply the glaze generously (you want your brush fairly full of product but not dripping) to the surface and focusing heavily on the nooks and crannies. Wipe away the excess with a clean, lint free towel. 

Side by side comparison of with and without glaze applied

It gives it an aged look without having to distress

Our last step is to top coat once the glaze has dried and that’s it. We are done. Now for the final reveal…

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial! These nightstands are just to die for! Please drop a comment below if you have any questions or any ideas for my next tutorial! Thanks for stopping by!


General Finishes Java Gel Tutorial

Welcome back to the Indigo Lane blog! Today I’m so pleased to bring you a tutorial that has been on my mind for MONTHS now! Of all the products I use General Finishes java gel stain is absolutely my most used product & my most asked about product! On a weekly basis I’m asked several times, “What is Java gel? Where can I purchase Java gel? How do I use it for my own projects?” Well guys, I have listened and I am bringing to you today, in-depth answers to those questions and more!

What is Java Gel?

From the manufacturer: “Gel Stains are heavy-bodied and do not penetrate as deeply into the wood as liquid oil-based stains do, providing the deepest, richest colors of any oil based stain available.”

My description would read more like: Java gel is a miracle in a can. It can be used as a regular wood stain or it can be “painted” on to items that are not real wood or wood that has been sealed without having to sand or strip to bare wood.

Where do I buy Java Gel?

I have purchased Java Gel and other general finishes products on Amazon but you can also visit General Finishes website and purchase locally at a retailer in your area by visiting this website:  General Finishes Where To Buy.


How do I use Java Gel?

Today’s example piece I bring to you is a gorgeous pedestal table my dear friend Bri brought to me to refinish. (Thank you for entrusting me with such a gorgeous piece!)


Brianna is such a kind soul and one HECK of a photographer! If you are ever in the MS gulf coast area and looking for a photographer please visit her page Aspen Grey for more information and to see her amazing work!

Let’s get started!

Things you’ll need for this project: 

-General Finishes java gel stain

-General Finishes gel top coat (or other clear top coat)

-sand paper (I recommend about a 320 grit)

-cotton cloth

-disposable gloves

-paint stick

-2″ or larger foam brushes




Here is a shot of the table before: 


Let’s just acknowledge the fact that my garage is a crazy mess. I would pretend here that this is just a one time thing- but I prefer to keep it real. 😉

The first step is to sand down the table. You’re not looking to sand down to bare wood- just enough to slightly scuff up the surface so it gives the gel stain something to adhere to. Don’t skip this step! It will ensure your stain will stick and give you a long lasting finish! After sanding, take your cotton, non-shedding cloth and remove all excess dust and debris before applying your stain.



Make sure your stain is thoroughly stirred and put on those gloves (gel stain is messy & you will get it on your hands!!). Take your foam brush and dip it in the stain. You’ll want to apply a couple of thin coats of stain vs. one thick coat. We will start with small sections. While it needs to dry overnight it is only workable for a short time so you’ll want to work on small sections at a time. Here I started with the rim:


Next I went around the outer rim:


Next I took small sections within always going with the grain:

**Probably the MOST important things to remember when using java gel to ensure it gives a wood grain appearance is to always “strike off”. This is a painting term that refers to dragging your product (using the foam brush) in one LONG stroke from one end of the table to the other. You do not want to see lines so its EXTREMELY important you strike off when using java gel and this method of application or it will look blotchy and you will not be happy with the final product.


Here it is completed with one coat. It will look a little splotchy after just one coat. Its okay, know that your second coat will cover any spots & imperfections. I have yet to need to apply three coats. Two coats has always been my magic number!


Normally, you would need to allow it to dry overnight in cool, dry conditions. BUT here along the mississippi gulf coast this time of year it is HOT and extremely humid. So, I’ve had to let each layer dry a bit longer than usual as its out in the garage.


Here is the finally product with two coats applied:DSC_0903DSC_0901DSC_0905

Your final step will be choosing and adding a clear coat protective top. You have a few options however, I will recommend the gel top coat by General Finishes. I personally, prefer satin or gloss with a stained top table but they also have clear coats available in flat. When choosing a top coat its also important to keep in mind if you are working with a water based stain or an oil based stain. Our java gel stain is an oil based stain so its best to stick with an oil based clear coat. If you choose to put a water based stain on top of java gel, or any oil based stain let it dry at least 72 hours. Or, in cases like my part of the country I would allow for closer to 5 days to ensure its had enough time to cure.


What if you’ve made a mistake and you got some on your painted surface?  Do not worry! With a towel wipe away the excess stain and then just paint right over it. Luckily for me I had another coat of paint to apply anyway. Easy peasy!DSC_0870

This table was an absolute joy to refinish!

And here is the finished product back at home.


Thanks for stopping by!



**Have comments? Questions? Feedback? Leave a comment below!




Tutorial: Cotton Boll Wreath

I’ve gotten so much positive feedback on my new cotton boll wreaths in the booth that I just had to make a tutorial so that you too, can make one for your home!

16114479_1636101930020112_8607041442623069003_nItems needed:

*Grapevine Wreath

*Cotton Boll Stems

*Floral Wire

Choose your size of grapevine wreath which can be purchased at any craft store & walmart has been known to carry them in their craft department as well! For this smaller, 12″ wreath I then needed three cotton boll stems (this will be where you can use your digression, buy more if you want it really full & fluffy, less if you want it sparse & minimalist in style). Hobby Lobby is where I’ve had the easiest time finding cotton Boll stems. They go on sale every other week so if you want to save 50% shop their sales! Now that we have all of our items gathered let’s get down to business!



You’ll want to remove each branch from the wire stem. Place the end of the wire into the grapevine wreath and then secure with floral wire, placing it out of sight when possible. Keep adding and securing each branch as you go until you achieve the desired fullness. That’s it. It is really that simple!img_0032Short on time or don’t feel like making your own? Indigo Lane has cotton wreaths available for purchase!

Check back soon for more tutorials and tips on how you can bring a little farmhouse to your home!



And the winner is…

A big thank you to all who participated in our first ever giveaway! It was a huge success and so much fun!

By using the winner has been selected! 

Congratulations, Lori Vice– you have won a $50 gift card to Indigo Lane Furniture & home decor! We’ve restocked and reset the booth just in time! 

I am looking forward to our next giveaway! Comment below and let me know what you’d like to see us giveaway next! ❤️


As I pay for my daughters ballet class today with part of my check from the store, I’m so appreciative of my customers & followers that I have decided to give something back! 

I’m thrilled to bring you my very first giveaway! I have given much thought as to what my first item would be that I would giveaway. I thought about wreaths, small tables, paint, stain and much more! In the end, I thought what better than to let YOU decide?! 

This is a really simple giveaway! To enter simply go to our facebook page- Click here! and follow the instructions to enter for your chance to win! Local pickup or small items I can ship via USPS ❤️ 
Hurry, winner will be announced Monday morning at 8am. Good luck!

I Flipped out at the General Finishes Flipping Furniture Expo!


WOW!!! What a fabulous extended weekend we had at the General Finishes Flipping Furniture Expo (say that five times fast!). My store owner, Sharlie, graciously agreed to join me several months ago when I told her all about it. In my home state of IL ((go Cubs!)) the expo was held at the gorgeous Loew’s hotel- O’Hare.

Being a SAHM of three beautiful littles & a husband with the workload of a surgical resident – because he is one 😉 free time to travel doesn’t come easily! It took much maneuvering and the willingness of my Mother to travel from IL to be with my children in MS for three days. Three days, onegrandma & Halloween festivities. She is a SAINT! Our first night they held a cocktail hour and was an opportunity to welcome everyone as well as meeting vendors and fellow refinishers. We were able to meet “George the Eagle” and were given some amazing loot in our grab bags!

img_7619So many of my favorites were included with our freebies: salt wash samples, foils, brushes & even some adorable tags from one of my favorite instagram accounts- the Coffee Stained Tag co. (Go check out her stuff, Here it’s all amazing!) and SO much more! That next morning we were up and moving to our full day of classes! From 8am until 5pm we were watching demos, listening to some inspirational speakers for business strategies & learning new techniques with hands on applications. The day went by so quickly and we learned so many new things but I want to give a special shout-out to the baristas at Starbucks because I think its safe to say that myself and the other expo attendees survived on the rush of DIYs and copious amounts of caffeine!


Starbucks was life last weekend!

Later that evening we were treated to a wonderful buffet with life entertainment and dancing! Wishing I had gotten better pictures of us in our dresses, after all, how often will you find painters in nice clothing?!

The next morning we were back to class and spent a half day learning more techniques & meeting more wonderful people! I was so thrilled to meet Rachel with Restyle Junkie and take her class on “Barnwood Finishes”. I’ve admired her work from afar for so long on instagram, I couldn’t wait to meet her. She was just as sweet as she is knowledgeable and I highly recommend you visit her site here for loads of information (including her new ebook!)  & inspiration for your next DIY! img_7700With our last day of class coming to an end we had to pick up & leave the expo to head home. We had such an amazing time we were sad to have to leave so soon. Don’t worry, we walked next door and found comfort in an AMAZING lunch before heading off to the airport.


When in doubt, always get the chocolate box. You won’t be sorry.

General Finishes, it was a great Expo- we are already talking about next year! (hint, hint)


…Keep scrolling for more pics from the expo!





“Be Thankful” Fall Banner Tutorial

Cooler temperatures, gorgeous leaves & pumpkin spice everything. Just a few of my favorite things! Fall happens to be my most favorite time of the year and I go all out when it comes to home decor. Here in southern Mississippi, the summers are quite warm DREADFUL at times with temps soaring into the upper 90’s for months on end. Don’t even get me started on the humidity (you know what I mean if you have a headful of curly or wavy hair!). So, when those temps start dipping below 90 degrees we rejoice “Its Fall Y’All!”. dsc_0013To kick off this blessed season I love decking our home (and booth) out in fall decor. I just love a decorated mantle, don’t you?! I stood back and gazed at my fireplace but realized something was missing. It finally came to me- a fall banner would be the cherry on top! If you know me at all you know I’m quite cheap thrifty so I decided to make my own banner with things I had lying around the house. Here’s what you’ll need:dsc_0004

  1. Banner Flags (you can certainly make your own but I happened to have a couple of pre-made packages on hand. I purchased mine at Michaels during a 50% off sale here they are on their website: Canvas Pennant Banner & Burlap Pocket Banner.
  2. Stencils (Mine are waverly brand from Walmart’s craft section)
  3. Glue gun
  4. Chalk Paint or any sort of fabric paint
  5. foam brush
  6. Jute string or twine- anything to use as your “base”.
  7. Embellishments such as leaves that I purchased from Amazon last year. They do come from China so purchase these only if you aren’t in a hurry. You can buy them Here.

Your first step will be stenciling the letters onto the banner pennants. I just eyeballed it but try and ensure they are level and in the center. Chalk paint dries extremely fast so I didn’t have to pause waiting for it to dry. Follow the directions per your desired paint label.dsc_0006

Next you’ll want to assemble your layers if you decide to layer them (I feel it looks a little more prominent with two pieces but one would be just fine!). Add just a few spots of hot glue to attach your banners at the top. Next you’ll want to add the string/jute to the back of the pennants. Add hot glue to your backing and fold over the string. Make sure you hold it tightly until it cools for the best adhesion!

Lastly, arrange any embellishments you want to add, such as your leaves and glue those on as well.

You won’t believe how easy and fun this quick little banner is to make. You also won’t believe how big of an impact it can make for your holiday decor! This would be so easy to repeat the process for any holiday, just change up the saying & embellishments and then you have yourself a festive addition to your home decor! Don’t have a fireplace? Don’t worry- entryway tables, sofa tables, buffets & mirrors are just some of the many places this DIY banner would rock. dsc_0014

Happy Crafting!